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Wakusei Vol. 1
Wakusei Vol. 1
Wakusei Vol. 1
Wakusei Vol. 1

Wakusei_ Space

Wakusei Vol. 1


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惑星_日文讀音為 wakusei,指以自身重力繞恆星公轉的 行星之意,惑星各自擁有不同的質量與形態,相同的是, 在只屬於自己的時空軌道上往未知前行,旅途中也許與 其他惑星片刻交錯、碰撞,也許只孤寂地與自己對話。 Wakusei_ Space 是各種影像創作的集合體,在乍看性格 迥異的不同風格之下,個體們圍繞著同一信念,與這世界相吸相斥的過程中,連結成新的宇宙模樣。

Wakusei_ is the Japanese pronunciation of "planet". Each Wakusei has unique form and revolves around a fixed star with it's own gravity. They are all traveling in different orbits and heading to unknown future. During journey, they pass each other or crash into another, or just stand alone till the end.

Wakusei_ Space, presents the diversity of photographs in different styles. They have different characters, but each individual image is rooted on it's own axis, or faith in another word. -- They are linked together and represent a unique cosmos of creation.

Vol. 1

它滾動著,嘗試找尋歸屬的角落,在異域裡生了根爾後再將自己拔起,它劃破了別人磨鈍了自己, 成千上萬的我們都是它,不一樣又都一樣。

It's rolling, trying to find out somewhere it belongs to.On the way the stone had pass, was scratched by it's sharpness, then the stone got rounded. When it feels comfortable in it's rounded shape, time has come to move on again. There are stones and stones countlessly. They seem all different, but how diffrent are they?

攝於:小豆島,日本 2013

Wakusei Vol. 1|PHOTOGRAPH, DESIGN, PRODUCED by Wakusei_ Space|B4 364 x 257mm. 8 pages , 7 images|Language: Chinese, Japanese and English|Printed in Taiwan|Edition of 300. Numbered|Published by Wakusei_Space|Dec 2013