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Dispatches: In America

Various Photographers

Dispatches: In America


Dispatches: In America explores the US from the inside out and the outside in. Author Paul Theroux frames the subject with his essay, “Mind Blindness and the Decline of Hitchhiking.” In “Of Turbans and Neckties,” fabled New York Times correspondent John Kifner shows how Americans have ignored history to their own peril. Muzamil Jaleel, a wry and wise Kashmiri reporter, tours the country as a Sufi Muslim with questions to ask. Samantha Powers offers thoughts on American exemptionism. And with the photo essay, “In God’s Country,” VII photographer Antonin Kratochvil takes his critical eye from coast to coast. A noted London Sunday Times political cartoonist for 40 years provides this issue’s cartoon.

Dispatches: In America|Edited by Gary Knight and Mort Rosenblum|7.7 × 5.6 × 0.7 in|Softcover, 200 pages|Language: English|Published by Dispatches Corporation|May 2008