10% discount coupons for any purchase over HK$800 (roughly <US$100)

- The coupon will be issued in the form of a designated coupon code for each individual customer.

- Input the coupon code while you check out in your next purchase. The system will deduct the amount automatically.

- Only one coupon will be issued regardless of the total of the book value.

- The discount is only valid for discounting the total of the book price, it's not valid for discounting the shipping fee. 

 - The coupon can be used in any purchase for over HK$100. Only one coupon can be used for each purchase and the coupon is intended for one time use.

- The coupon doesn't apply to the books by Society for Community Organization (SoCO) as well as 'Special Price' titles.

- No coupon will be issued while special offer is used in the purchase.

- The activity ends on 31 Dec 2018. The coupons issued are valid until 31 Dec, 2019.

- The decision of The Salt Yard shall be final in the event of any dispute.


Shipping to Hong Kong now a flat rate of HK$20

- Special shipping offer is valid regardless of the total order value.

- The special shipping offer is valid until further notice. 

- The Salt Yard shall have the final decision on the choice of the mailing methods. The decision of The Salt Yard shall be final in the event of any dispute.


- 折扣優惠券以代碼形式發出,每位合資格顧客將獲發獨有的電子代碼,於下次購書時在購物籃輸入,系統隨即自動折扣。

- 每次購書無論總額多寡最多只會獲發一張折扣券。

- 折扣只適用於扣減書本總額,不適用扣減運費。

- 購物滿港幣$100即可使用折扣券,每次購物只能使用一個折扣代碼,每個折扣券代碼只能使用一次。

- 優惠不適用於「社區組織協會」出版刊物和己折扣書籍。

- 當使用優惠購書時將不會獲發折扣券。

- 折扣券發放活動至2018年12月31日止,折扣券代碼有限期至2019年12月31日。

- 如有任何爭議,The Salt Yard保留一切最終決定權。



- 運費優惠適用於任何價值的購書訂單。

- 運費優惠持續有效至另行通告。

- The Salt Yard有權決定運送選項,如有任何爭議,The Salt Yard保留一切最終決定權。