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Say No to Extradition Bill

As a member of the creative sector, The Salt Yard treasure freedom of speech, artistic expression and creativity that we enjoy in Hong Kong. Thanks to such freedom, we are able to appreciate a variety of photographic works of different styles and topics in our bookstore. ⁣

The proposed bill amendments intimidate many creators and photographers, increasing the risk of arrest for them who express their thouExtradghts freely. In a country where the rule of law is questioned, it’s hard to get a fair trial. The passing of such bill amendments would further curtail Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy, and severely impact freedom of speech, artistic expression and creativity. Therefore, The Salt Yard urges the Hong Kong government to shelve the amendments of the extradition bill immediately. ⁣⁣

Further reading on why this matters to us:

The Salt Yard網上書店作為創作單位的一員,我們珍惜香港得來不易的言論及創作自由,賴以這些自由我們才有幸在書店裡一睹眾多風格和題材上百花齊放的攝影作品。⁣

條例的修定對很多創作者或攝影人而言是一種實質的恐懼,除了增加了以言入罪的機會,在一個法治水平受到質疑的國家受審也難以得到公平審判的機會,條例的通過將會令香港的高度自治進一步萎縮,言論及創作自由勢將受到嚴峻的衝擊,為此The Salt Yard呼籲香港政府立即撤回《逃犯條例》修訂。⁣

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