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160 Pages | Softcover

The Eyes 4: Inside Madrid

This instalment of the European photography magazine features special interactive content that can be accessed by downloading an app and using your iPhone or iPad to view certain pages through the filter of augmented reality. The issue largely focuses on Madrid and Spain, bringing to light the hope and DIY-spirit expressed by young artists working there. The Spanish photography scene has found a way to emerge through collectives and books that express social connections and ruptures, even while “otherness” in Europe is observed with a keen eye. With contributions by Santiago Sierra, Jorge Galindo, Alberto García-Alix, Alec Soth, and Jeffrey Silverthorne.

The Eyes 4: Inside Madrid|ISBN 9791092727081|160 Pages|21 x 28 cm|Softcover|Language: French & English|Published by Aman Iman Publishing


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