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$250 HKD
Petros Koublis | 28 Pages | Softcover/Numbered


"In these quiet fragments, formed from the land by flash, the darkness outside returns and joins together - again - with the darkness inside our own bodies. The skin opens, space and our interior mix freely, and we forget the importance we usually give to the question of where one begins and another ends. Gravity, dimensionality, and scale are no longer relevant to us; time never was.

Under a night of moons, we see the evidence of the presence of another in the cut logs and the matted grass. We continue on and find other revelations we suspect no one else has seen before. The staccato of the leaves, a corkscrewed trunk and the tree that bleeds together con- firm Yeats’ discovery: “There is another world, but it is in this one.”

With the landscape separated from the limitations imposed by the specific, essence replaces fact and we can start the job of getting to know things. We can awaken instincts normally buried by our ordinary days and realize how strong they still are. We can see that there’s nothing casual about these quiet fragments, and we can look again."

Tom Griggs
Photographer, writer and editor of Fototazo

INLANDS|Photographs & Poem by Petros Koublis|Text by Tom Griggs|ISBN 978 988 14098 0 5|19.5 × 27.5 cm|28 pages|Softcover|Limited Edition: 300 copies|Published by BlackMountain Books|March 2015

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