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Vanessa Winship - And Time Folds

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Vanessa Winship - And Time Folds

“The bridge was built by the day and destroyed at night by the spirits of the water. It demanded a sacrifice. Let someone come who is willing to be sacrificed in the piers of the bridge, the bards sang.” - Ismail Kadare, ‘Three Arched Bridge’⁣

And Time 
Folds, is a beautiful introduction to Vanessa Winship’s work. Shying away from the story-telling traditions that are popular with Magnum, her work steps away from the frontline action; instead, invites us to join her on her meanderings around the world, as she seeks out human connection, communities away from home, and as she attempts to make sense of the world around her.⁣

In her project of Georgia, there is a photograph that depicts five pillars that may have used to carry a bridge, but only the five pillars remain standing. At ‘the junction of chronicle and fiction’, your beliefs are questioned. Paired with a quote from Kadare, it pulls at you to believe in the myths and legends of the place, yet the photo 
pleads you to see the reality. With the historic implications that comes with black and white, Winship’s work dares you to question where do we go from here.⁣


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