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Pixy Liao/廖逸君 - Experimental Relationship Vol.1/實驗性關係 Vol.1 ⁣

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Pixy Liao/廖逸君 - Experimental Relationship Vol.1/實驗性關係 Vol.1 ⁣

Are you dating yet? Is there anyone chasing you? Have you met any boys? How many times have you been asked those questions during your New Year celebrations? Growing up in Hong Kong, the only mindset that seems to be around is that you need a man to be happy. This man should be older, wiser, has a great job, and has the ability to take care of you for the rest of your life. It seems growing up in mainland China is not so different. Pixy Liao’s ‘Experimental Relationship’ should need no further introduction. Her work flips around the power dynamics of a heterosexual couple, whereby Liao directs Moro during their photo shoots, within their boundaries of course - such as no full frontal nudity. ⁣

Lying naked in bed, with Moro on top but turned away from the camera, and Liao on the bottom with a direct gaze towards the camera, holding our attention; almost as if challenging us, daring us to comment, but her gaze holds such power, you don’t dare to speak up. And with Moro looking away, as if shying away from the camera… this scene challenges our preconceptions of what a heterosexual relationship should be. A man does not need to be in charge. They can be just as sensitive as women are ‘supposed’ to be. If there is a message we should takeaway from this piece, it’s this: Hong Kong, it’s 2019 for goodness sake! Liao’s work is a stark reminder for us to embrace the breaking down of gender roles, for us to not make assumptions of others, and to accept love in all its forms.⁣


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