Double Gaze/對望

$150 HKD
Lau Chi-chung | 58 Pages | Hardcover/Numbered & Signed
“Double Gaze” is a self published photobook produced by Lau Chi-chung. Photography is the best medium for Lau to express his creativity. In this series “Double Gaze”, he spent years to explore and visit numbers of vanishing places in the city of Hong Kong and took photos of those abandoned portraits. This series could be read as gazing into the eyes of the subject from the old portrait or gazing into the period of time that the subject was once in. Gazing involves at least two parties engaging in a dialogue and it cannot be done by oneself. Lau hopes his work can reach out to more people in different ways other than exhibiting in numbers of galleries and art museums.


Double Gaze/對望︱Photographs by Lau Chi-chung/劉智聰︱ISBN 978-988-13446-0-1︱306 mm x 220 mm︱58 Pages︱Cloth bound hard cover|Language: Chinese and English|Edition: 1000 copies|Published by FIRST AND LAST|2014

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