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RongRong & inri | 285 Pages | Hardcover
Wu Hung: “I have titled the exhibition Tui-Transfiguration because the term's poetic, metaphoric meaning seems to resonate deeply with the photographs by RongRong and inri, thereby providing a possible concept for understanding these images. Moreover, because these images include all the important works that these two artists have created so far(and this exhibition can actually be considered a joint retrospective), this concept may also help reveal some essential human elements underlying their artistic creativity: emotion, hope, struggle, inspiration.”

Curator: Wu Hung
Editor: Wu Hung/RongRong & inri
Book Design: He Hao/RongRong & inri

Tui-Transfiguration|RongRong & inri|ISBN: 978-988-97262-6-2|291 x 291 x 36mm|285 pages|Cloth binding hardcover|Language: English and Chinese|Published by Timezone 8 Ltd|2004


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