Ai Weiwei: New York 1983-1993

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Ai Weiwei | 313 Pages | Hardcover
This catalogue is published for the Exhibition "Ai Weiwei New York: 1983-1993".

Before becoming an internationally recognized artist, Ai Weiwei lived in New York's East Village amidst other expatriates, friends and artists. For a decade, between 1983 and 1993, Ai consistently documented the people with whom he interacted, events he witnessed, and the progress of his own work. These images later became the series known as the “New York Photographs.” Of the thousands of images he took, “New York Photographs 1983 - 1993” is carefully edited to highlight distinct moments in both Weiwei’s life but also in New York City. The images capture riots in Washington Square, candids of fellow artists and intellectuals, as well as self portraits. The time he spent immersed in New York’s avant-garde scene shaped the beginnings of his conceptual practice and inspired the creation of some of his most successful and well-known works.

New York 1983-1993|Ai Weiwei/艾未未|ISBN: 978-988-99667-8-2|288 x 287 x 33mm|313 pages|Cloth binding hardcover|Language: English and Chinese|Three Shadows Press Limited|2010

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