Mandala Afterdark/萬籟有光

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Blues Wong | 160 Paes | Softcover
「...在Blues的系列作品中,可看到傳統底片彰顯出的虛幻魅影… 如何忘卻道貌岸然的媒體宰制,迷走於自我建構的美好烏托邦內,神往於一處由影像取代殘酷世界的魔障,縱使永劫輪迴、忘我神迷,也在所不惜! 」
- 姚瑞中 (台灣當代藝術家)

《萬籟有光》結集「明凡」1985-2007期間多個攝影創作專輯,全書分為三個部分:1) 度亡曲,2) 即拍即樂,3) 城市拼「奏」。內容由政治、沒落社區、城市變奏到情愛等共治一爐;整套作品遊走於熱烈與冷靜、寫實與內觀、理智與激情之間。

“…We could see from the analog film in ‘Mandala Afterdark’ the magical phantom of our zeitgeist…these photo images are destined to reincarnate itself towards a fateful ecstasy!”
Yao Jui-Chung (Taiwan contemporary artist)

“Mandala Afterdark” is a selection of Blues Wong’s photographic works between 1985 - 2007 listed in three categories: 1) Breached Birth and Acid Death 2) Instant Pleasure and 3) Dual Scan City. Thematic explorations on socio-political areas of Hong Kong before 1997, the passionate color world of romance and urban environmental changes are included.

Mandala Afterdark/萬籟有光︱Blues Wong/明凡(黃啟裕)︱ISBN 978-988-98014-6-5︱27.9 cm x 20.8 cm︱160 Pages︱B&W and colour plates︱Softcover︱Language: Chinese &English|Published by Hulu Concepts|2007

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