Birds on the Heads / Bodies in the Dark

$250 HKD
Munemasa Takahashi | 36 pages (two volumes) | Softcover
"The pair of pictures shown here, the white one and the black one, represents a contrast between something tangible (which is apparently easy to explain) and something ambiguous(which requires one's imagination to grasp). The act of seeing things, I believe, lies somewhere in the gradation of colours between these two extremes. And we are made so that we are most prone to oversight when we believe we see something clearly. Whenever you are standing somewhere and looking at someone, there always will be a blind spot too. If you forgot that, you may get hurt sometimes. Like when, say, you'are in love."

Munemasa Takahashi has been thinking about the role of photography in this world since he started his career. in this book Takahashi would like to present a set of two series: Birds on the Heads and Bodies in the Dark at the same time. As he mentions in his statement, each of the series represents what seem to be understandable and what seem to be not understandable, respectively.

Birds on the Heads / Bodies in the Dark|Munemasa Takahashi/高橋 宗正|190 mm x 148 mm|36 Pages (2 volumes)|Softcover|Printed on high gloss laminated papers, coming in the bubble-wrap envelope|Language: Japanese & English|Published by VERO|Sep 2016