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Benny Lam | 132 Pages | Hardcover
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In 2012, one series of photos shed direct light on the housing problems in Hong Kong. They were taken from a bird's eye view and showed sub-divided units, which drew local and international attention.

In 2016, Society for Community Organization (SoCO) are working with photographer Benny Lam again to jointly organize a "Living Under Constraint" photo exhibition. Over 50 new photos are included, in a sequence of six series, all showing life in the 100sq ft "flats".

About the photographer

Benny Lam, a member of HKIPP Over the last decade Benny has been active in a range of creative media, and recently he has devoted himself to photography with a view to revealing the conditions of the underprivileged in Hong Kong. From affluence to poverty, from business to charity, he walks around the streets and alleys of dilapidated districts, using light and viewpoints intelligently to capture scenes that are rarely seen in the city to record the lives of the hidden communities.

Over the years, Benny has won numerous local and international awards, his works also featured in renowned creative magazine Archive and esteemed publication European Photography, in addition to being exhibited at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague, Czech.

The series is also shortlisted for Prix Pictet awards in 2016.

Trapped/侷住|Photography by Benny Lam|Text: Angela Lui, Gordon Chick, Sze Lai-shan|ISBN 978-962-7893-05-9|335 mm x 245 mm|132 page|Hardcover|Language: Chinese and English|Edition: 3000 copies|Published by Society for Community Organization (SoCO)|2016

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