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Lam Chun-tung | 228 Pages | Hardcover
As an act of seeking a more humane look at ex-prisoners, 'Confessions' seeks an accommodative rather than a judgemental view of those who have made mistakes. We have collected anonymous statements of regrets for prisoners, ex-prisoners, as well as the general public ranging from children to adults. These are displayed at the exhibition along with letters and audio recordings. The exhibition intends to seek the public's understanding and acceptance of those who made mistakes, thereby supporting the re-integration of ex-offenders into society.

Prisoners/囚|Photography by Lam Chun-tung|Text: Cheng Kam Sze, Irene Chen Qian'er, Jennifer Ngo, Lui Tze-lok, Patricia Yuen Pak-yan, Tung Kit, Vivian Yip Wan-yi|ISBN 978-962-7893-89-9|250 mm x 200 mm|228 page|Hardcover|Language: Chinese and English|Published by Society for Community Organization (SoCO)|2016

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